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Accounting Clerk works in an organization’s financial department to complete the necessary clerical work for accurate accounting practices. They perform general office tasks like organizing and delivering documents, filing reports, updating records and communicating with clients with a focus on financial duties. In general, an accounting clerk takes care of basic office tasks that involve reporting, bookkeeping, research, as well as the resolution of discrepancies related to any of the tasks he or she performs.

Key Responsibilities

  • Keeps a thorough record of business transactions and enter data from daily work logs into the company’s general ledger system
  • Reconciles company accounts for credit cards, employee expenses and commissions
  • Keeps track of any consumer issues that require a refund and make sure that the refunds are issued in a timely manner
  • Inputs high volume of monthly invoices with consistent accuracy
  • Assists senior accounting personnel with any tasks conducted within the accounting department, or any tasks that require accounting personnel to take part
  • Investigates daily variances and corrected errors to resolve discrepancies
  • Keys in or types up any documents or items that the accounting department is responsible for, including checks and invoices, as well as vouchers, accounting statements, and other reports and records
  • Reports financial data and updated financial records in ledgers and journals

Job Requirements/Qualifications

  • Graduate of BS Accounting or similar related courses
  • Must possess above-average ability to compile and integrate numerical data
  • Must be adept in handling computer software like MS Excel

Skills needed for this role

Accounting Clerks need to be able to multitask and determine priorities to complete tasks as accurately and efficiently as possible. They should use written and verbal communication skills to ensure that other accounting staff members are able to handle sensitive financial details appropriately and according to schedule. The increased role of computers has allowed Accounting Clerks to take on additional responsibilities including keeping track of overdue bills, purchasing, billing and payroll.

Career Level

Less than 1 Year Experienced Employee

Job Specializations

Accounting/Finance, General/Cost Accounting