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Director of Pharmacy

The Pharmacy Director will be responsible for the overall operation of the pharmacy department. The position requires extensive contact with the administrator, medical staff, nursing service staff, hospital staff, and nonhospital contractors (vendors, auditors). The Pharmacy Director will be responsible to oversee the daily workflow of the department to ensure that the pharmacy has 24-hour coverage by a pharmacist, conducts performance evaluations that are timely and constructive etc.

Key Responsibilities

  • Recommends an organizational structure with clearly defined lines of authority and job responsibilities that enable employees to work together toward common objectives.
  • Integrates pharmacy services with other hospital departments and the medical staff to establish a multidisciplinary approach to improving patient care.
  • Recommends, interprets, and enforces hospital and departmental policies and procedures to achieve service objectives.
  • Assures compliance with all legal and regulatory requirements for pharmacy operations: Ministry of health & food and drug authority.
  • Responsible for formal conferences and educational programs relative to medication use for the medical staff as may be necessary or as requested by the medical staff.
  • Recommends and administers the pharmacy capital equipment budget
  • Recommends policies and procedures for recruiting, hiring, orienting, training, supervising, motivating, evaluating, and disciplining staff.
  • Recommends position descriptions and performance standards for all pharmacy staff.

Job Requirements/Qualifications:

  • Bachelor in pharmacy from an accredited university
  • Must be organized and able to develop a planning approach of program implementation.
  • Valid license to practice.
  • Member of a recognized pharmaceutical society.
  • In depth knowledge in planning and operation of a hospital pharmacy department

Skills needed for this role

The Pharmacy Director must have strong analytical skills, excellent communication skills, both verbal and written, excellent computer skills. He/She must be detail oriented and has strong managerial skills.

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Job Specializations

Pharmacy, Pharmaceuticals