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Environmental Engineer

The Environmental Engineer helps identify and develop solutions to environmental problems in order to protect the population from harm or enhance people’s quality of life. He/She assists with a project aimed at improving a recycling process in a nearby municipality or may work with an organization to monitor levels of air pollution and take necessary action.

Key Responsibilities

  • Evaluates the environmental impact of the project, hazard or commercial operation
  • Evaluates environmental impact
  • Implements, manages and supervises the day-to-day tasks of construction and remediation schemes
  • Collects and analyzes environmental data.
  • Assesses how a site complies with environmental regulations
  • Performs calculations and analysis
  • Creates new processes to increase efficiency
  • Carries out site assessments to determine the environmental impact of commercial activity.
  • Creates plans to protect and restore the environment by removing contaminants from water, air and land
  • Studies human influences on the environment.

Job Requirements/Qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s degree in environmental engineering or related field, accredited by the Institution of Environmental Engineers.
  • Master’s degree in Environmental Engineering preferred
  • Must have obtained license as a Environment Engineer
  • Proven experience of working in the environmental engineering field
  • Familiarity with design software, such as Autodesk, AutoCAD Civil 3D, and MicroStation.
  • Knowledge of environmental regulations

Skills needed for this role

The Environmental Engineer  must be technically inquisitive, must have aptitude for collecting and analysing scientific data, and must be an excellent communicator. He/She must have good organisational skills and the ability to work under pressure and meet strict project deadlines.

Career Level

Licensed Professional, Skilled Worker

Job Specializations