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Event Manager

The Event manager is responsible for all of the logistics that go into planning and hosting an event. They are responsible for ensuring that every single guest has a great time. He/She creates a theme for the event, tracking all of the costs of the event, ensuring the right staff are there for the event, and proposing a final budget for the event. They also have to report the success of the event to management.

Key Responsibilities

  • Plans an event that meets the stated objectives
  • Provides project coordination for the team by effectively delegating and assigning tasks, creating timelines and helping team members to prioritize workloads
  • Finds an appropriate location for the event
  • setting clear objectives and targets for events, alongside plans for how to meet these
  • Looks for and compare different vendors (catering, decorators, musicians etc.)
  • Oversees the creation of event publications, signage, syllabus materials, and conference apps
  • Works out event budget, and logistics (venue, catering, etc)
  • Provides high-touch customer service to all clients; work directly with registrants on problems and inquiries
  • Develops and recommends the budget, marketing plans, and objectives and manages within those approved plans.
  • Manages all event operations (preparing venue, invitations, food, drinks etc.)

Job Requirements/Qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Hospitality Management, public relations or relevant field is preferred
  • 4+ years of professional meeting/event planning and execution
  • Good financial awareness and strong management skills
  • Basic website management experience and/or knowledge of CMS platforms, email marketing programs, and HTML preferred
  • Sense of ownership and pride in your performance and its impact on company’s success

Skills needed for this role

The Event Manager should have key Competencies such as adaptability, attention to detail, budgeting, creativity, decision making, multi-tasking, negotiation, networking, scheduling and organizing, teamwork and motivational fit. He/She must be able to prioritise their tasks to ensure maximum productivity from their time. Time is precious and should not be ignored when working in the event industry.

Career Level

Assistant Manager/Managerial