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Finance Supervisor

The Financial Supervisor will oversee the organization’s accounting systems, maintaining accurate records and financial documentation. Supervise financial and accounting processes and ensure adherence to company and/or federal laws. Prepare and distribute budget reports and financial statements to management in a timely fashion.

Key Responsibilities

  • Recruits, interviews, hires, and trains clerical and professional accounting staff in the finance department.
  • Oversees the daily workflow of the department.
  • Provides constructive and timely performance evaluations.
  • Handles discipline and termination of employees in accordance with company policy.
  • Analyzes financial reports in relation to current budget and prior year information.
  • Audits expenditures, ensuring compliance with the accounting procedures of the organization.
  • Balances and reconciles accounts; adjusts and corrects daily journal entries.
  • Monitors expenditures and prepares monthly financial statements and administrative reports.
  • Provides technical support to clerical and professional staff.
  • Prepares quarterly and annual statements.
  • Performs other related duties as assigned.

Job Requirements/Qualifications:

Bachelor’s degree in accounting, finance, or business administration required.
  • Three to five years of supervising experience required. (minimum 1 year)
  • understanding of financial management obligations (including statutory obligations), requirements and dynamics
  • experience of specific computer software – insert as applicable e.g. Sage
  • ability to assist in financial management and control
  • ability to drive a team
  • project management skills
  • ability to work under pressure

Skills needed for this role

A Finance Supervisor must have and maintain (with regular training and updates as necessary) the knowledge, technical skills and qualifications that are necessary to perform effectively as Finance Supervisor; to comply with the requirements of the organization and any applicable rules, and with any law which applies to your job role.

Career Level

3 years or more of experience in business administration or finance

Job Specializations

Accounting/Finance, General/Cost Accounting, Business Administration