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The Firefighter is responsible for using their physical stamina and compassionate nature to combat fires and other hazardous situations while ensuring the safety of others. Their duties include using equipment to extinguish fires, rescuing members of the public from dangerous conditions and providing cleanup services to law enforcement at the scene of a car accident or natural disaster.

Key Responsibilities

  • Responds to fire alarms with assigned company
  • Prevents fire damage by conducting surveys and inspections for hazards and enforcing codes.
  • Operates all types of fire operation and rescue equipment including portable fire extinguishers, pike poles, hand lines, smoke ejectors, salvage covers, forcible entry tools, aerial ladder equipment and emergency medical equipment.
  • Prevents, combats and extinguishes fires with the goal of protecting lives, the environment and property
  • Operate numerous types of rescue, emergency and fire suppression equipment and apparatus as necessary
  • Prepares and monitors written reports on emergency incidents, status of condition, hazards and risks to be submitted to the incident commander (IC)
  • Participates in fire station housekeeping and regular floor watch detail.
  • Conducts fire suppression training classes

Job Requirements/Qualifications:

  • High school diploma or higher; degree in fire science is a plus
  • hold an emergency medical technician (EMT) certification.
  • Successful passing of firefighting exams (written, physical, psychological etc.)
  • Demonstrate physical aptitude as required by essential functions.
  • Must be able to wear proper safety equipment as determined by the department head in accordance with established OSHA regulations

Skills needed for this role

The Firefighter must be able to communicate conditions at an emergency scene to other firefighters and to emergency-response crews. He must be able to make quick and smart decisions in an emergency and must have the ability to make good decisions under pressure could potentially save someone’s life. The Firefighter may have to stay at disaster scenes for long periods of time to rescue and treat victims and he must also be ready to respond to emergencies at any hour of the day.

Career Level

1-4 Years Experienced Employee

Job Specializations

Law Enforcement, Security