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Guidance Counselor

The Guidance Counselor provides advice and helpful resources to students regarding certain personal and academic situations. His/Her main duties include offering counseling to students or teachers, conducting group counseling sessions to help students develop their personal and academic skills and providing career advice and guidance to high school students.

Key Responsibilities

  • Gets to know students and their unique needs to offer specialized solutions.
  • Collaborates with teachers, administrators, and parents to help students succeed
  • Advises and counsels students regarding academic, educational, and short-term social and emotional problems.
  • Provides valuable assistance to students through leadership, advocacy and collaboration.
  • Provides one-to-one guidance to motivate students to engage in and take an active role in their personal, educational and career development.
  • Partners with school leadership to ensure a safe and emotionally positive school environment
  • Analyzes all student requirements and prepares formal lessons for all students and provides support to all academic activities.

Job Requirements/Qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, Counseling and other related programs, Master’s Degree in Counseling/Guidance, Education, or Social Work is preferred
  • Relevant experience as Guidance Counselor for more than 3 years
  • Valid state certification or license as a Guidance Counselor, required
  • Familiar with best counseling practices.

Skills needed for this role

The Guidance Counselor must be highly conscientious and committed to the highest standards of professional service. He/She must have great listening skills to fully understand the students’ issues before offering help and must maintain the confidentiality of students, parents, and teachers.

Career Level

Licensed Professional

Job Specializations

Education, Counseling