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Healthcare Administrator

The Healthcare Administrator plans, directs and coordinates medicine and health services in the hospital. He/She plans, implements and administers programs and services including human resource administration, training, and coordination of medical, nursing and physical plant staff.

Key Responsibilities

  • Oversees day-to-day management of healthcare services while maintaining compliance with all applicable laws and regulations
  • Keeps detailed records of medical and office supplies stock.
  • Manages human capital, including policies for hiring, performance reviews, staff schedules, etc.
  • Updates patient health records, including admissions and insurance data
  • Ensures continuity and consistency in delivery and quality of services by hiring and supervising employees, while ensuring adequate staffing
  • Manages health informatics, including recordkeeping
  • Ensures positive patient experiences at every touchpoint
  • Ensures an organization’s compliance with medical and legal regulations and internal policies
  • Responds to questions from doctors, nurses, and patients in a timely manner.

Job Requirements/Qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s degree in health care administration, business administration, or related field.
  • Masters degree in Healthcare Administration or related field required.
  • Proven previous work experience as a Healthcare Administrator or related jobs
  • Knowledge of medical terminology, regulations and medical office procedures
  • In-depth knowledge of healthcare regulations and medical terminology.

Skills needed for this role

The Healthcare Administrator must have a deep understanding of healthcare law and policies and must have leadership skills, with steadfast resolve, empathy, and personal integrity. He/She must also have exceptional interpersonal, communication, and multitasking skills and the ability to work long hours and often remain on-call.

Career Level

Supervisory, More than 5 Years Experienced Employee

Job Specializations