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The Machinist operates computer numerically controlled (CNC) machine tools, such as lathes and milling machines, to cut and produce precision parts for machines, instruments, and tools. He/She sets up and operates a variety of machine tools to produce precision parts and instruments.

Key Responsibilities

  • Operates and maintains lathe and milling machines.
  • Takes measurements and mark material for cutting or shaping
  • Measures, examines, and tests completed units in order to detect defects and ensure conformance to specifications, using precision instruments such as micrometers.
  • Operates and maintains industrial machines.
  • Reviews samples, drawings or instructions to understand specifications of output
  • Plans proper sequence of tasks to complete the assignment.
  • Monitors machine while working to adjust the feed, maintain temperature and identify issues
  • Ensures that all operations adhere to safety protocols.

Job Requirements/Qualifications:

  • High school diploma or equivalent; technical degree is a plus
  • Proven work experience as a Machinist
  • Certificate or diploma in engineering is an advantage
  • Excellent manual dexterity, accuracy and attention to detail
  • Prior experience with machine tools and industrial machines.
  • Hands-on experience with different manual, semi-automated or automated tools and machines (lathes, grinders etc.)

Skills needed for this role

The Machinist must have the ability to use precision tools (e.g. calipers) to take accurate measurements and must have the ability to read blueprints, schematics and manuals. He/She must have knowledge of metal properties and other material and outstanding mathematical skills and analytical abilities. Having physical stamina and strength to lift heavy items is also essential for this role.

Career Level

Skilled Worker

Job Specializations

Production, Machinery