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Maintenance Technician

The Maintenance Technician performs ongoing facility maintenance and completing repairs on equipment. His/Her duties include fixing machinery, plumbing, heating and wiring, inspecting buildings to confirm safety standards and scheduling major repairs with the building’s inhabitants.

Key Responsibilities

  • Responds quickly in the event of an emergency, notify appropriate personnel and follow safety protocol
  • Repairs broken or leaking plumbing to avoid water damage and restore full use of water fixtures
  • Performs preventive maintenance on all fleet vehicles
  • Maintains and repairs plumbing and heating components
  • Conducts maintenance of electrical systems
  • Repairs faulty equipment units and damaged structures.
  • Surveys buildings and repair mechanical systems to ensure they are consistent with health and safety regulations
  • Plans and schedules repairs.
  • Supports the setup of ventilation, refrigeration and other systems and conduct repairs when necessary
  • Cleans and maintains the tools they work with
  • Maintains a clean and safe work environment

Job Requirements/Qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Facilities Management or equivalent professional level experience
  • Previous experience as a Maintenance Technician for more than 3 years
  • Certificate in HVAC, building maintenance technology or relevant fields is preferred.
  • Advanced understanding of electrical, hydraulic and other systems
  • In depth knowledge of general maintenance processes and methods
  • Strong knowledge of building trades, cleaning procedures and maintenance

Skills needed for this roles

The Maintenance Technician must have a strong understanding of general maintenance processes and methods. He/she must be experienced in operating a variety of equipment, including snow blowers, lawn mowers, and small hand tools. Having working knowledge of tools, common appliances, and devices is also essential for this role.

Career Level

1-4 Years Experienced Employee

Job Specializations

Facilities and Maintenance