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Medical Office Manager

The Medical Office Manager ensures good business practices for the organization while the clinicians focus on providing health care. He/She is also fully engaged in the unique environment and clientele of a healthcare setting, as well as interacts with clinicians and complies with governmental regulations.

Key Responsibilities

  • Addresses staff issues and conducts regular performance reviews
  • Oversees medical service activities and personnel
  • Oversees the selection of equipment used in the facility and ensures that it works properly.
  • Plans and coordinates patient schedules
  • Supervises the selection and ordering of supplies.
  • Coordinates day to day operations of the practice
  • Oversees the financial aspects of the business, such as billing, banking and accounting.
  • Maintains and manages all filing and organizational systems for the practice
  • Oversees and manage all paperwork for patient care, medical compliance and all levels of reporting
  • Ensures that her staff uses the correct coding when designating the diagnosis or results of procedures used.

Job Requirements/Qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s degree in health care administration, business administration, or related field.
  • MA in Healthcare Administration, Business or similar relevant field
  • Proven previous work experience as a Medical Office Manager
  • Knowledge of medical terminology, regulations and medical office procedures
  • In-depth knowledge of healthcare regulations and medical terminology as well as medical procedures, operations and terminology

Skills needed for this role

The Medical Office Manager must have experience delegating and supervising office tasks to staff and must have clerical training and experience. He/She must also have the ability to communicate with people with various levels of medical knowledge in both written and verbal forms. Having diagnostic and problem-solving skills are also essential for this role.

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