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The Pediatrician is responsible for the medical care of babies and children, typically up to the age of 21, and can include physical and psychological disorders and diseases. His/Her duties include diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation of the patient in a variety of work settings.

Key Responsibilities

Conducts medical examinations and assessments for infants, toddlers, children, and adolescents
Assesses and diagnosing physiological and psychological medical concerns of patients
Discusses test results and explain treatments or medical procedures with patients and family members
Treats physiological and psychological disorders and diseases
Designs and implements community healthcare programs to aid in the physical and mental development of adolescents and children
Prescribes medication and treatments for patients
Advises patients, parents, and guardians on diets, activities, hygiene, and disease prevention.
Orders and analyzes diagnostic and laboratory tests and procedures
Coordinates and supervises activities of therapists, assistants, nurses, students and other support staff; refer patients to a specialist or other physician when warranted
Gives immunizations and booster shots for diseases like hepatitis, diphtheria and measles

Job Requirements/Qualifications:

A Medical Degree from an accredited university and licensing in the appropriate State
Appropriate state licensure.
Hands on experience working with a Critical Care Pediatric Unit
In depth knowledge of procedures for working with the families of patients under the age of 18

Skills needed for this role

The Pediatrician must have excellent communication and interpersonal skills as well as the ability to relate to children. He/She must have strong decision-making, diagnostic, and problem-solving skills. A caring and compassionate nature when working with children and their families is also essential for this role.

Career Level

Licensed Professional, Doctor of Medicine

Job Specializations