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Petroleum Engineer

The Petroleum Engineer is responsible for the designing of drill equipment and planning of methods and techniques used to extract oil and gas from both onshore and offshore reserves. His/Her duties include recommendations of drilling efforts based on cost, effort and feasibility weighed against returns. 

Key Responsibilities

  • Plans and supervises extraction sites
  • Designs drilling equipment used in the process of extracting oil and gas from both onshore and offshore reserves
  • Uses surveys, testing, and analysis to evaluate new reservoirs to determine profits and to create low-cost drilling and extraction plans.
  • Designs equipment for extracting oil and gas from onshore and offshore reserves deep underground
  • Assesses the economic value and extraction cost of oil and gas wells and determines the economic feasibility of potential drilling sites.
  • Liaises with and advising managerial and technical staff
  • Devises plans and methods to effectively drill fields to recover oil and gas
  • Develops and refines methods of extracting more petroleum from existing wells.
  • Ensures oilfield equipment is installed, operated, and maintained properly

Job Requirements/Qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Engineering and other related fields
  • Master’s degree in engineering with coursework in the petroleum industry
  • Proven experience of working in the chemical engineering field
  • More than five years experience in a production or research environment
  • Must have obtained license as a Chemical Engineer
  • The willingness and ability to work in remote locations, with harsh climates and often unfriendly locals

Skills needed for this role

The Petroleum Engineer should have strong mathematical, analytical, and problem-solving skills. He/She should have an in-depth knowledge of extraction techniques and principles, and be willing to travel to and live in possibly harsh and unfriendly locations.

Career Level

Licensed Professional, Skilled Worker

Job Specializations