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Principals direct and manage instructional programs and supervise operations and personnel at campus level. They provide leadership to ensure high standards of instructional service. Oversee compliance with district policies, success of instructional programs, and operation of all campus activities.

Key Responsibilities

  • Develops, implements and monitors outcomes of school improvement plan and student achievement data to improve student learning
  • Evaluates assistant principals and the activities director.
  • Ensuring that academic policies and curriculum are followed
  • Ensures professional learning for teachers that enhance student learning
  • Creates, develops and sustains relationships that result in active student engagement in the learning process
  • Maintains an updated school curriculum reflective of the adopted education system
  • Monitors instructional and managerial processes to ensure that program activities are related to program outcomes and use findings to take corrective actions.
  • Provides an atmosphere free of any bias in which students can achieve their maximum potential
  • Plans and implements recognition events such as academic award banquet, recognition assembly and graduation ceremony.

Job Requirements/Qualifications:

Bachelor’s degree in Education and other related programs, Master’s Degree in educational administration is preferred
Extensive teaching experience followed by experience working as a principal is preferred.
Strong understanding of laws and regulations affecting educational institutions
Exceptional communication and presentation skills
Knowledgeable in using Microsoft Office and other educational management systems

Skills needed for this role

The Principal is the conveyor of best practice, catalysts of learning, and protectors of the whole child. He/She must be attentive to habits of mind, data driven decision-making, the change process, accountability, conflict resolution, team building, and a well-organized school. He/She must have a set of beliefs and a skill set that guides the school in day-to-day operations to ensure the health, safety, and welfare of all students, staff, and families. Being passionate in connecting with teachers and students is a must.

Career Level

Job Specializations
Education, Administration