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Process Engineer

The Process Engineer helps to transform raw materials into valuable everyday products. He/She is responsible for designing, implementing, controlling and optimising industrial processes and machinery in the manufacturing industry.

Key Responsibilities

  • Researches, designs and develops new equipment
  • Meets with production managers to assess existing processes.
  • Oversees and assesses existing processes and workflows.
  • Develops, configures and optimises end-to-end industrial processes, from ideation to certification
  • Drafts process ideas to reduce costs and improve production rates.
  • Optimizes productivity by designing, implementing and testing new procedures.
  • Manages cost and time constraints
  • Develops, installs, and maintains equipment to complete the production process
  • Utilizes process simulation software to test and find the most appropriate production strategies.
  • Ensures compliance with both internal and external protocols and regulations

Job Requirements/Qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s degree in manufacturing engineering or related field,
  • Master’s degree in Process Engineering preferred
  • Must have obtained license as a Process Engineer
  • Proven previous work experience as a Process Engineer
  • High-level knowledge of process engineering software systems.
  • Experience working with CAD and AutoCAD.

Skills needed for this role

The Process Engineer must have an in-depth knowledge of process, mechanical engineering and applied technologies. He/She must have an understanding of manufacturing, processing, and production and the ability to work well with other engineers on the same project.

Career Level

Licensed Professional, Skilled Worker

Job Specializations