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Production Planner

The Production Planner is responsible for the accuracy and timeliness of the production process. He/ She focuses on the materials and goods required in the production phase, ensuring the working space is properly maintained in order to have optimal performance.

Key Responsibilities

  • Approves materials, costs, manufacturing equipment, and the size of workforce needs to manufacture goods
  • Coordinates with Managers in planning and implementing engineering changes in production lines.
  • Coordinates production workflow for the products with Production Manager and higher management.
  • Performs load leveling on the build plan to allow for resource restrictions.
  • Plans inventory management processes to avoid shortages and excesses.
  • Schedules usage of production materials to ensure optimal production levels
  • Determines manpower, equipment and raw materials needed to cover production demand
  • Forecasts market challenges based on competitor analysis and industry trends
  • Adheres to company standards and production policies to meet company objectives.

Job Requirements/Qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent in business administration, supply chain management, or operations management.
  • More than 3 years of experience as a Production Planner or similar role
  • Technical certifications such as an APICS certification preferred
  • Familiarity with company and industry quality standards and processes
  • Good understanding of the industry market trends and conditions
  • Excellent knowledge of production planning and quality control principles

Skills needed for this role

The Production Planner should be knowledgeable of material requirements planning and able to manage production deadlines. He/She must demonstrate excellent time management, organizational, and problem-solving skills to ensure that production operations run smoothly. Having advanced communication and computer skills are very useful for the role.

Career Level

1-4 Years Experienced Employee

Job Specializations

Production, Production Planning