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Program Manager

The Program Manager oversees and coordinates different related projects in a company to ensure they benefit one another and meet business goals. His/Her main duties include organizing various programs and activities to improve company efficiencies, building long-term goals for company projects and developing program and project budgets.

Key Responsibilities

  • Manages program and project teams for optimal return-on-investment
  • Identifies key requirements needed from cross-functional teams and external vendors
  • Devises new programs that support the organization’s objectives
  • Works with other program managers to identify risks and opportunities across multiple projects within the department
  • Manages the main program, giving detailed attention to program strategy, project delegation, and program implementation
  • Manages a team with a diverse array of talents and responsibilities
  • Ensures that all the team members understand how to work together and coordinate their efforts on the way to a larger goal
  • Comes up with sustainable goals for the organization
  • Develops an evaluation method to assess program strengths and identify areas for improvement
  • Meets with stakeholders to discuss program status and goals
  • Works with other departments to develop budgets and plans for the programs

Job Requirements/Qualifications

  • An Associate’s degree in business administration or a field related to the industry; MBA is preferred
  • More than 5 years proven experience as a Program Manager
  • Proficient computer skills, including Microsoft Office Suite (Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Excel)
  • Strict adherence to company philosophy, mission statement, and sales goals
  • Exceptional leadership, time management, facilitation, and organizational skills

Skills needed for this role

The Program Manager must have good knowledge and handling of project and program management methodology and techniques. He/She must have a good understanding of the wider objectives of the program and the ability to work positively with the wide range of individuals involved in program management. Having strong leadership and management skills is also essential for this role.

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