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Psychiatrists are physicians who diagnose and treat people for mental illnesses. They are medically qualified doctors specialising in the diagnosis and treatment of patients with mental health disorders. They also prescribe medication in addition to counseling patients

Key Responsibilities

  • Works directly with patients suffering from a range of mental health problems and provide a good standard of practice and care
  • Assesses patients through interviews, observations, tests, and medical history reviews.
  • Refers a patient for psychological testing to determine a diagnosis and its severity
  • Develops treatment plans by determining nature and extent of cognitive, emotional, developmental, social, and behavioral disorders and establishing treatment goals and methodologies.
  • Maintains historical records by documenting symptoms, medications, and treatment events and writing summaries.
  • Explores the patients’ past experiences to learn how they affect their current state of mind and behavior (psychoanalysis)
  • Decides on suitable psychiatric treatment plans for patients
  • Engages in counseling methods, using psychotherapy, behavior modification, crisis intervention, and hospitalization

Job Requirements/Qualifications:

  • Graduate of pre-meds courses; Doctor of Medicine
  • Board of Psychiatry certification and state license.
  • Completion of a psychiatric residency
  • More than 2 years’ experience working full-time as a psychiatrist in child/adult psychiatry

Skills needed for this role

The Psychiatrist must have excellent interpersonal and communication skills with the ability to treat others with empathy, understanding and respect. He/She must be emotionally resilient to work in challenging situations , must have an analytical and scientific approach with good problem-solving skills and the ability to work under pressure and make informed decisions

Career Level

Doctor of Medicine

Job Specializations

Healthcare, Psychiatry