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Recruitment Specialist

The Recruitment Specialist helps the companies or organizations fill staff vacancies by evaluating candidates and building networks of potential hires. He/She shares many duties with recruiters but takes a more hands-on role in assessing candidate resumes and credentials. He/She works with recruiters and hiring managers to conduct screening interviews and determine which candidates to invite back for further interviews.

Key Responsibilities

  • Apply strategic human resource frameworks to test for competency
  • introduces process improvements and keeps the complex system of the recruitment measurement.
  • Analyse and recommend solutions to human resource issues
  • monitors trends on the job market and analyzes the recruitment data available in the organization.
  • Develop, revise and implement HR policies and procedures
  • evaluates different recruitment channels and sources and their performance for particular job positions.
  • Create detailed job descriptions and define appropriate compensations
  • Determines applicant requirements by studying job description and job qualifications
  • Manage the complexities involved in staff disputes, recruitment processes and fair employment
  • Measures the performance of HR Recruiters and provides feedback to them

Job Requirements/Qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s degree in human resource management, business management, labor relations, or related field.
  • Proven previous work experience as a Recruitment Specialist
  • Familiarity with standard hiring practices, such as scheduling interviews and onboarding processes.
  • Proficient in HR databases and Applicant Tracking Systems
  • Experience with MS Office and social media platforms
  • Excellent analytical skills to examine resumes and find the best-suited candidates.

Skills needed for this role

The Recruitment Specialist must have strong negotiation skills when discussing terms and conditions of employment. He/She must have in-depth knowledge of hiring strategies, labor laws, and employment equity. He/She also must have the ability to evaluate recruiting software packages and to recommend those which are best suited to the company.

Career Level

1-4 Years Experienced Employee

Job Specialization/s

Human Resource Management