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Risk Manager

The Risk Manager communicates risk policies and processes for an organisation. He/She provides hands-on development of risk models involving market, credit and operational risk, assure controls are operating effectively, and provide research and analytical support.

Key Responsibilities

  • Designs and implements an overall risk management process for the organisation, which includes an analysis of the financial impact on the company when risks occur
  • Conducts risk assessments, collecting and analyzing documentation, statistics, reports, and market trends.
  • Establishes and quantifies the organisation’s ‘risk appetite’, i.e. the level of risk they are prepared to accept
  • Identifies financial, safety or security risks that the client company or organization may face
  • Prepares risk management and insurance budgets
  • Recommends and implements risk management solutions such as insurance, safety and security policies, business continuity plans, or recovery measures.
  • Undertakes corporate governance involving external risk reporting to stakeholders
  • Gathers confidential financial information from client such as income, assets and debts

Job Requirements/Qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Risk Management, Finance, or related field required.
  • Proven work experience as a Risk Manager fore more than 3 years
  • Professional Risk Manager (PRM) certification may be beneficial
  • Strong working knowledge of risk management and previous experience working with risk (i.e. risk assistant or risk analyst)
  • Proficient with Microsoft Office Suite or related software to prepare reports and policies.

Skills needed for this role

The Risk Manager must have excellent quantitative and analytical skills, along with the ability to apply those skills across a variety of business processes. He/she must have numerical skills and the ability to evaluate costs and must have a proactive approach to work, in terms of suggesting changes and improvements to processes and systems.

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