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The Roofer specializes in the placement, removal and repair of various roofing materials such as asphalt, wood and plastics. He/She lays roofing on large business buildings in commercial settings or on houses in the private sector, roofers are laborers who often work in hot, sunny conditions.

Key Responsibilities

  • Replaces or installs new roofing systems on buildings and customizing materials for individual roofs
  • Ensures that roofing materials are aligned with edges of roofs
  • Cements or nails flashing-strips of metal or shingle over joints to ensure that they are watertight
  • Critically inspects a room to determine the best repair or replacement procedure for it
  • Inspects the work area to ensure that all required materials are present
  • Ensures that materials are properly trimmed to tightly fit along the edges of a roof and altering materials as needed
  • Smoothes and levels roof surfaces by smoothing out rough spots and preparing a surface for new shingles or waterproofing
  • Ensures that the job location is neat and safe by cleaning it up once the job is completed

Job Requirements/Qualifications

  • High school diploma or GED
  • Valid driver’s license
  • State roofer’s license
  • Proven roofing or general construction experience
  • Working knowledge of different roofing systems
  • Sound knowledge of business ordinances

Skills needed for this role

The Roofer must have excellent communication skills and exceptional customer service skills. He/She must have the ability to lift heavy materials and tools and to use powered hand tools.

Career Level

Skilled Worker

Job Specializations