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Sales Account Manager

The Sales Account Manager oversees individual sales representatives in a business. They are typically the lowest management staff, with higher professionals managing the entire account manager team. He/She oversees sales performances, analyzes sales numbers and puts sales strategies into practice to make improvements.

Key Responsibilities

  • Manages several sales accounts and oversee the associated sales representatives to ensure all client needs are met quickly and professionally
  • Manages accounts for long-term success.
  • Ensures improvement in company’s margins
  • Directs sales representatives to prospective new clients and give instruction for how to best build a relationship with them
  • Prepares reports on accounts and transactions.
  • Assists customers and educate them on the benefit of company’s products
  • Takes part in planned training programs and aid sales representatives in developing the sales techniques, skills and knowledge necessary for success
  • Delivers presentations on sales to superior executives
  • Completes administrative duties, filling out forms, creating reports and entering information into spreadsheets
  • Generates new business using existing and potential customer networks

Job Requirements/Qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Marketing or related field
  • Successful previous experience as as Sales Account Manager and Sales Manager for more than 5 years
  • Knowledge of customer relationship management (CRM) software.
  • Knowledge of sales principles and skills to offer excellent customer services
  • Excellent and motivational communication skills
  • Proven experience in the delivery of solutions that are client-focused and based on the needs of customers

Skills needed for this role

The Sales Account Manager must demonstrate excellent interpersonal skills, knowledge of CRM software, and the ability to manage multiple tasks at once.He/She should demonstrate great customer service skills, strong business acumen, and problem-solving skills. Having the ability to effectively communicate and credibly influence people at all levels are also essential for this role.

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