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School Nurse

School nurses oversee the emotional, mental, physical and social health of students. School nurses may work at any level of education from preschool to college. They provide students with basic health services throughout the school day. School nurses also manage students who have chronic health conditions and students with disabilities. This includes giving them medication as needed and working with parents and teachers to create and enforce care plans.

Key Responsibilities

  • Performs hearing, vision and other health screenings
  • Provides health-related education to students and staff in both individual and group settings
  • Develops care plans for students with ongoing conditions
  • Helps students attain an optimum level of physical, social, and emotional health.
  • Assesses the status of student and staff immunization documentation, when necessary.
  • Promotes and protects the optimal health status of school-age children
  • Provides confidential health advice and proper care for children with special cases and disabilities
  • Supports, advises, counsels and refers children with mental health care problems to experts and promotes good parenting skills by teaching parents health programs
  • Oversees infection control measures

Job Requirements/Qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Nursing and other related fields
  • Must be a licensed or Registered Nurse (NCLEX-RN)
  • Relevant experience as a School Nurse
  • Must obtain continuing education to advance their careers
  • Must have Basic Life Support training

Skills needed for this role

The School Nurse must communicate appropriately, collaboratively, and effectively with students, parents, administrators, other school personnel, health care providers, and community agencies. He/She must demonstrate a genuine interest in the student population and its health needs and must organize a health office and manage time.

Career Level

Licensed Professional

Job Specializations

Education, Nursing