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School Psychologist

The School Psychologist conducts comprehensive psychoeducational evaluations. He/She consults with school personnel and parents regarding planning, implementing and evaluating individual and group interventions. H/eShe also functions as a member of the building-based Student Support Team in providing services to students

Key Responsibilities

  • Conducts systematic observations and functional assessments.
  • Counsels parents on topics like substance abuse and communication
  • Conducts psychological and academic assessments
  • Edits and finalizes the evaluation team written report.
  • Provides individual and group counseling as appropriate.
  • Contributes to program development that furthers the integration of social, coping, and problem solving in the classroom.
  • Evaluates and advises school disciplinary practices for troubled students
  • Assesses student emotional and behavioral needs
  • Interviews parents, teachers and others to gather relevant data regarding student performance.
  • Engages and counsels teachers, parents, and caregivers about issues.
  • Integrates psychological services into the classroom environment as appropriate.

Job Requirements/Qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, Sociology and other related fields
  • Must be a licensed or Licensed School Psychologist
  • Proven work experience as a School Psychologist for more than 5 years
  • Knowledgeable in psychological concepts and evaluation
  • Must have good interpersonal and communication skills

Skills needed for this role

The School Psychologist must be able to successfully aid students in their personal and academic development. He/She must be compassionate and committed to students’ well-being. Having good interpersonal skills to relate to students and parents’ well-being is required for this role.

Career Level

Licensed Professional

Job Specializations

Education, Psychology