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Staffing Consultant

The Staffing Consultant works with clients to determine their current and future staffing needs and oversee subsequent hiring and recruitment processes to satisfy and exceed these goals. He/She oversees the entire recruitment process, from initial scope assessment to final interviews and onboarding.


Key Responsibilities

  • Recruits talent build and maintain a candidate network
  • Utilizes various recruiting approaches and recruiting tools including online recruiting, network recruiting, direct recruiting and generating recruiting referrals
  • Ensures quality placements through detailed interviewing, evaluations and career coaching
  • Leads and directs the newly selected employees to understand the working environment and culture, with the required flexibility
  • Provides useful support to design, plan, and carry out selection procedures that serves the organizational demands
  • Assists the employer or organizational management to find the best deserved candidates or employees that fit into the organizational requirements

Job Requirements/Qualifications:

  • Associate’s Degree or Bachelor’s Degree in human resources or related field
  • Proficiency with standard customer relationship management platforms
  • Strong/high proficiency in Microsoft Office suite and a high technical aptitude
  • A strong work ethic, self-confidence and a high sense of urgency
  • Passion for helping others
  • Familiar with human resources accounting functions, and knowledge management tools and techniques
  • Proficient at handling database management (DBMS) functions

Skills needed for this role

The Staffing Consultant must effectively communicate verbally and by telephone. He/She must have effective communication in-person with internal staff, external customers and field employees. He/She must have critical thinking and ability to take initiative.

Career Level


Job Specializations

Human Resource Management, Customer Service