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User Experience (UX) Designer

The User Experience (UX) Designer monitors user experience and ensures that websites, software programs and products are easy to use. His/Her duties include reviewing user feedback to determine potential defects or areas for clarity, working closely with other IT professionals and company personnel to refine user experience and performing usability tests on software products or website features to ensure functionality.

Key Responsibilities

  • Considers existing applications and evaluating their UX (user experience) effectiveness
  • Conducts usability testing
  • Identifies target user groups and carry out interviews or other types of inquiry to help understand user needs
  • Considers the human-computer interaction (HCI) element of a design
  • Gathers and evaluates user requirements in collaboration with product managers and engineers
  • Uses online tools, such as screen readers, to aid their research
  • Uses recent studies and findings to establish the best overall design elements to include in UX design experiences
  • Runs user testing of applications, software and websites

Job Requirements/Qualifications

  • Degree in Design, Fine Arts or related field
  • Proven previous work experience as a User Experience (UX) Designer
  • proficient in Adobe Creative Suite (specifically Illustrator, InDesign and Photoshop) as well as Sketch
  • Experience with coding and ability to troubleshoot using HTML, CSS and comparable languages

Skills needed for this role

The User Experience (UX) must have mathematical aptitude, strong problem-solving skills, excellent IT and programming skills. He/She must have excellent organisational, time and project management skills. Having accuracy and attention to detail and understanding of the latest trends and their role in a commercial environment are also essential for this role.

Career Level

1-4 Years Experienced Employee

Job Specializations