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Validation Engineer

The Validation Engineer evaluates and calibrates the equipment and procedures used in development and production of a variety of products. He/She ensures all systems are running according to necessary specifications and operate within regulations to ensure the production of quality products.He/She works within a number of different fields, such as the aerospace, automotive, biotechnology, computer software and pharmaceutical industries.

Key Responsibilities

  • Prepares protocols for validation or performance testing of new or modified manufacturing equipment, processes, or systems.
  • Conducts firmware validation testing of automotive and handheld devices
  • Creates tests that measure the performance and quality of items the company’s equipment produces
  • Uses the data to provide a risk assessment and check for adherence to government standards,
  • Creates databases to track validation activities
  • Analyzes data from validation tests to determine whether systems and processes meet required criteria and specifications.
  • Conducts training and overseeing the work of validation technicians
  • Establishes validation standards, develop testing protocols, prepare equipment, document test results and maintain records for later analysis

Job Requirements/Qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering and other related fields
  • Familiar with writing test /validation code in Linux environments with Python
  • Proven experience of working as a Validation Engineer
  • Strong understanding of manufacturing processes and safety regulations
  • Knowledge of Software validation process, automation techniques, and testing methodologies

Skills needed for this role

The Validation Engineer must have a thorough understanding of industry standards and regulatory guidelines. He/She must have a thorough understanding of applicable mathematics and scientific practices and related equipment and the ability to perform equipment modifications. Being proficient with Microsoft Office Suite or related software is also required for this role.

Career Level

Licensed Professional, Skilled Worker

Job Specializations