Manage All Your Hiring Activity From One Integrated Recruitment Product Built For The Modern Enterprise

Hiring Teams, HR Personnel, Management, Employees, Candidates, Stakeholders and Simplicant's data-driven recruitment product - a winning combination and modern recruiting software designed for recruiting success.

Organization and Planning

  1. Map your hiring process
  2. Build your hiring workflows
  3. Create new job requisitions
  4. Get Job requisitions approved
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Candidate Sourcing

  1. Post to popular job boards
  2. Promote jobs on social media
  3. Leverage employee referrals
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Branded Careers Page

  1. Customize your Careers page
  2. Mobile optimize jobs pages
  3. Accept online applications
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Candidate Screening

  1. Fast-Screen new Applicants
  2. Score Incoming Applications
  3. Send additional screening questions
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Managing Your Talent Pipeline

  1. Build robust candidate profiles
  2. Streamline сommunication
  3. Collaborate in a task-based approach
  4. Navigate database with deep search
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Interview Management

  1. Enjoy automated interview scheduling
  2. Create interview packets
  3. Request additional information
  4. Easily manage interview scorecards
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Collaborative Decision-Making

  1. Use data to making great decisions
  2. Identify the best candidates
  3. Compare candidate profiles by scores
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Job Offers

  1. Create and manage job offers
  2. Send digital offer letters with e-signature
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Onboard New Hires

  1. Digitize the onboarding process
  2. Send and receive onboarding forms
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Document Management

  1. Manage your recruitment documents
  2. Simplify candidate emails
  3. Power your job offers
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Reporting and Recruitment Analytics

  1. Analyze your progress
  2. Identify hiring patterns
  3. Make improvements
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Take Control of Your Account

  1. Manage user access and privileges
  2. Personalize your Careers site design
  3. Email notifications & alerts
  4. Integrate your calendars
  5. Create and store templates
  6. Manage your Referral program
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