Branded Careers Page

  1. Customize your Careers page
  2. Mobile optimize jobs pages
  3. Accept online applications

Customize your Careers page

Career page design and overall employer branding is an art, and HR teams that master this art usually end up capturing the best talent. Simplicant’s dedicated design team works to maximize employer branding through your job listings, on your (branded) Career Page and even on job description pages! This way, you can leave a lasting impression on site visitors.

Mobile optimize jobs pages

Most applicants today are constantly on the go, and thus use mobile devices when searching for job openings. In fact, statistics show that over the last few years, the number of job applicants browsing open positions using a mobile device has grown tremendously and now represents a big chunk of the total traffic on any Careers site. That’s why businesses need their jobs listed on pages that are easy to navigate and mobile-friendly. With Simplicant’s branded “Careers” site, the job application process and the entire candidate experience is fully mobile optimized and easy to set up. The “Careers” page can be accessed by an applicant from anywhere and any device and the application detailed be completed quickly using a frictionless process. Furthermore, Simplicant’s hiring platform makes it easy to update or further customize your careers pages at any time.

Accept online applications

Recruitment sourcing is not very effective when you don’t have a way to screen incoming applications and collect the necessary data that you will need at every stage of your decision making process. With Simplicant, you can create highly customizable online job application forms that help you collect detailed data during the application process. Instead of relying on your IT team or the marketing folks, with Simplicant you are in full control of the content on your Careers site and the respective jobs pages. Plus, you can include your own, personalized questions with ease. All data collected in the application process is available for screening purposes and can also be used to automate the process of ranking candidate profiles based on the answers applicants provide in their applications.