Candidate Screening

  1. Fast-Screen new Applicants
  2. Score Incoming Applications
  3. Send additional screening questions

Fast-Screen new Applicants

In a traditional recruiting process in most organizations, the human resources staff often find themselves short on time to process all incoming applications on time. In fact, high volumes can often lead to many good applications falling through the cracks and many good candidates getting no attention at all. This presents a huge opportunity cost for companies when on the one hand they are looking for great candidates but on the other they are not able to review and screen all those who take the time to apply to the companies published jobs. What companies really need is a way to effectively fast-screen incoming applications. Simplicant provides the recruiting tools for hiring managers and HR staff to quickly review new applications and progress them through the hiring funnel. Making quick decisions becomes easier with Simplicant’s applicant tracking platform when all the necessary data is easily accessible from anywhere and at any time. It enables employers to efficiently promote qualified candidates to the next stage of the recruiting process leading to prompt and informed decision-making.

Score Incoming Applications

To screen new candidates in a timely fashion, you need the ability to identify their strengths and potential usefulness for the company. With Simplicant, you can easily create and customize online job application forms in no time. This allows you to have all applicants easily provide you with the information you need to make a qualified screening decision. In addition, you can automatically score and rate candidates based on their application responses.  By configuring your online application forms to be scored automatically as candidates provide their best answers, you are able to turn the screening process into an easy, structured and quantifiable process.

Send additional screening questions

What’s more, through Simplicant you can send additional screening questions or questionnaires to candidates at time and any stage of the hiring process. If your recruitment workflow requires you to request additional information from candidates at a later stage in the process, you can easily request these by sending this request via a number of powerful options available in the platform. Such new information could be additional documents, signatures or any other information that you may need to progress the candidate’s application further in the recruiting funnel.