Candidate Sourcing

  1. Post to popular job boards
  2. Promote jobs on social media
  3. Leverage employee referrals

Post to popular job boards

Once a job is ready to be published, Simplicant offers a variety of simple and highly effective ways to promote the job for maximum exposure. With a few clicks you can choose to publish the job posting to job boards, such as Indeed, Glassdoor and many others. You can also post to premium job boards, such as Monster and CareerBuilder.

Promote jobs on social media

In addition to publishing your open jobs on top job boards and job aggregator sites, Simplicant’s recruiting platform further helps you promote your jobs using your personal social media accounts. You can also configure Simplicant to schedule and/or directly post your jobs to your company’s social media pages directly from inside the applicant tracking system. All social activity generated by posts via Simplicant is automatically tracked and available for detailed analysis via Simplicant’s reporting and analytics.

Leverage employee referrals

Best-in-class companies understand that creating and managing an employee referral program is critical for optimum candidate sourcing. In fact, employee referrals are one of the most effective methods by which companies hire top-quality talent. Simplicant offers a comprehensive module through which hiring teams can manage a company-wide referral program, track incoming referrals from all quarters and highlight star contributors to keep the team motivated.