Document Management

  1. Manage your recruitment documents
  2. Simplify candidate emails
  3. Power your job offers

Manage your recruitment documents

From general administration paperwork to workers’ compensation forms and notices, HR teams must constantly manage, update and send a large variety of documents. Simplicant employs a “Document Management” section in its applicant tracking system where HR departments can upload and emend necessary documents as well as remove extra and dispensable ones. This way, teams can eliminate redundant files and spend less time managing the hundreds of HR documents handled daily.

Simplify candidate emails

In order to maintain an effective level of communication with job applicants and candidates, recruiting staff has to typically respond to incoming inquiries as well as send acknowledgement emails to new applicants. This activity, if handled manually, can soon overwhelm the entire team.  With Simplicant’s document management capability, all your commonly used documents and email templates can easily stored in the cloud. Company staff involved in the hiring process can easily access these documents at templates at any time when drafting a new message to a candidate. Instead of searching for previously written emails or re-writing new content from scratch, users can quickly load pre-created templates and documents directly from the online repository, into their messages while saving time, reducing errors, improving productivity and maintaining a consistent standard of communication across the company.  

Power your job offers

When you are ready to send a job offer to a candidate and have the necessary approvals to proceed with the offer letter, transferring all the details to an actual offer letter can take some time. This process can, however, be simplified greatly with Simplicant. HR staff can import their offer letter content as well as any other needed documents from their pre-created offer documents stored in the Simplicant cloud. In addition, job offer specific email templates can be used to complete the cover letters that go out with the offer letter.