Interview Management

  1. Enjoy automated interview scheduling
  2. Create interview packets
  3. Request additional information
  4. Easily manage interview scorecards

Enjoy automated interview scheduling

With Simplicant, interview scheduling and systematization whereby all stakeholders are promptly provided with the necessary time, location and candidate information to effectively conduct or participate in interviews is a critical step in the hiring process. Human resources personnel in many companies waste countless hours to coordinate and match up people’s schedules to figure out the best time for interviewing a candidate when multiple Interviewers are involved. With Simplicant, a recruiting coordinator or HR staff can easily schedule job interviews with candidates. Integration with common calendar apps such as Google Calendar or Outlook Calendar provides HR organizations the ability to quickly look up interviewers availability for a certain time. These helps avoid going back and forth with every individual in a group. Interviews can be easily scheduled for the entire team and calendar invites can be sent directly to fellow interviewers from inside Simplicant.

Create interview packets

Simplicant allows you to create an interview packet for every interview that is scheduled. This interview packet contains everything that an interviewer will need to effectively conduct and complete an in-person or virtual interview. Interview packets are bundles of information containing a candidate’s resume, cover letter, evaluation forms, scorecards and other relevant forms and information selected by the HR or hiring manager. Further, since Simplicant is a cloud-based recruiting software, interviewers can easily access the evaluation or feedback forms, used for scoring, from any device.

Request additional information

Hiring teams may often require additional information from applicants after they have completed the application. This additional data could be for background information, a non-disclosure agreement, references or any other documents or information that can help in the hiring process. Simplicant makes this step a breeze by providing a variety of ways to request additional information from the candidate by sending them a list of customized questions that they can answer easily from any device or simply by requesting certain documents or signatures on certain documents. Hiring teams now have the capability to easily request, collect and manage all the information that they need about a candidate to make an informed decision.

Easily manage interview scorecards

Simplicant’s scorable evaluation forms are web-based and mobile optimized. What this means is that interviewers can pull out their phones or tablets after each interview and quickly transfer their notes into the Simplicant system via evaluation scorecards. This ensures all information is recorded while it’s still fresh and accurate.