Job Offers

  1. Create and manage job offers
  2. Send digital offer letters with e-signature

Create and manage job offers

There is no question that speed and timing are critical to the job interview process. Once a decision has been made, you want to have the offer prepared, approved and sent over to the selected candidates without delay. Any delays in this process can seriously impact the success of your entire interview process. With Simplicant, job offer details can be circulated for internal approval as soon as a hiring decision has been made. Multiple stakeholders can review the job details and provide their approvals sequentially or in parallel, from any device and from wherever they are.

Send digital offer letters with e-signature

Just as you want to get the offer sent quickly, you also want the offer accepted and returned to you as soon as possible. While you can extend offers through mail or PDF, the receiving candidate is likely to take some time to review and respond. An alternative is to send the offer documents with digital signature capability. This way, candidates can complete the process from any device within seconds. Moreover, it increases the likelihood of faster responses from candidates. Simplicant leverages Docusign’s e-signature capability to streamline the process and achieve this purpose. Simplicant also transfers and organizes all offer-related activity to each user’s fully-integrated recruitment platform.