Managing Your Talent Pipeline

  1. Build robust candidate profiles
  2. Streamline сommunication
  3. Collaborate in a task-based approach
  4. Navigate database with deep search

Build robust candidate profiles

When your sourcing process is in place and candidate applications start flowing in, the next step is to manage and track the progress and activity related to all job applications and candidate profiles.These applications, in addition to resumes, may contain cover letters, social media profiles, answers to online questions the applicant’s have provided and other documents, notes, text or links to online resources. A robust candidate profile makes all useful information about a candidate’s journey through your recruiting process available in one easily accessible place. This information can be accessed by your hiring team members and decision-makers from anywhere and at any time.

Streamline сommunication

Talent acquisition is a team sport and needs systems that can easily accommodate hiring teams to communicate with each other and all stakeholders through a cloud-based system. Simplicant online recruitment system is designed from the ground up to be collaborative where different stakeholders can easily exchange messages and notes.
Human resources staff, hiring managers, interviewers, external recruiters or agencies can all be given access to the system, allowing different teams to securely and effectively communicate with each other as well as with the candidates. Working together simplifies the process, eliminates miscommunication and removes a lot of hassle from the traditional hiring process.
Simplicant’s built-in messaging and communication platform provides a robust way for hiring teams to communicate with each other. It also helps run recruitment campaigns in a secure and effective way from within the same recruitment platform. As a result, all communication and messaging is streamlined, tracked and easily maintained in the system.

Collaborate in a task-based approach

With different stakeholders contributing to the hiring process from different places at different times, using a diverse set of devices, it is critical that your recruitment infrastructure be the platform that brings everyone together. With Simplicant’s recruitment system, setting up and facilitating a collaborative environment has never been easier. Whether you have a small team or a number of teams distributed across different locations, with Simplicant your teams can always get to the information they need to review candidates, schedule interviews, add notes, enter feedback or for that matter take any other action to further drive the process to a decision. The software’s smart task management functionality allows users to create and assign tasks to team members, setting up alerts to ensure that those given the tasks are reminded and notified of deadlines.