Onboard New Hires

  1. Digitize the onboarding process
  2. Send and receive onboarding forms

Digitize the onboarding process

Getting your top candidate to accept his/her job offer is a great achievement. Once this happens, your organization will want to on-board the new hire ASAP. However, it is not uncommon for new employees to get stuck going back and forth with HR while trying to complete various forms needed for payroll, benefit policies, systems access, etc. With Simplicant, this cumbersome and perplexing process is replaced with one simple and easy. Your employee onboarding process can be completely orchestrated directly from inside the applicant tracking platform. All necessary forms are sent to new hires electronically. The incoming employees can provide signatures and return relevant forms using any device, saving valuable time to be reallocated productively.

Send and receive onboarding forms

Simplicant provides pre-created digital versions of standard forms, such as employment verification and tax withholding forms. These forms can be easily sent to the candidates from within the system. What’s more, Simplicant users can create their own custom internal HR forms to send the new employee during the employee onboarding phase.