Reporting and Recruitment Analytics

  1. Analyze your progress
  2. Identify hiring patterns
  3. Make improvements

Analyze your progress

Tracking the performance of your hiring process and then making needed improvements is a priority for successful hiring teams. Simplicant’s foundation in data-driven recruiting helps users realize this goal. Every step of the Simplicant powered recruitment process shows the most relevant stats and metrics that help users make quick decisions as they go about their tasks on a daily basis. In addition, detailed reports and analytics provide the data that HR staff as well as management can use to get deeper insights into the effectiveness of your recruiting process.

Identify hiring patterns

Simplicant’s on-the-point reporting helps hiring teams identify areas demanding further improvement, such as the need to spend more time on a particular hiring stage, or to increase or decrease the exposure of jobs through a certain job board, social platform or other source. Simplicant makes all reporting and analytics data available for export into pdf or excel formats. With this, organizations can further process the historical data and analyse it any which way they prefer, for sharing with key stakeholders.

Make improvements

With Simplicant’s easily-accessible reports, high-performing recruitment teams are able to easily identify areas of improvements as well as performance bottlenecks in the talent acquisition process and then take the necessary actions to improve the overall performance and effectiveness. Be it a change in job promotion strategy or a focus on regular status changes for candidates in a particular hiring workflow, Simplicant keeps the overall HR process and team moving forward like a well-oiled machine.