Take Control of Your Account

  1. Manage user access and privileges
  2. Personalize your Careers site design
  3. Email notifications & alerts
  4. Integrate your calendars
  5. Create and store templates
  6. Manage your Referral program

Manage user access and privileges

Simplicant’s best-in-class role-based user access mechanism gives organizations complete control over their hiring platform. Administrators can easily add new users and set up their access so they can work on specific jobs and candidates. The ability to orchestrate fine-grain access control makes it easy for companies to provide system access to as many users as necessary, without ever worrying about access-level security.
The ability to assign a role to hiring team members ensures that every individual is aware of and focused on their particular role in the hiring team while maintaining data integrity and curbing unauthorized access to sensitive information.

Personalize your Careers site design

The fact that everyone can have a user account in Simplicant leads to the idea that everyone should be able to set their personal preferences in the system - be it settings for a particular action or configuring the many auto email notifications. With Simplicant’s, each user is able to select the notifications they want to receive from the system and pick a time zone in which they work thus making the whole experience super friendly.

Email notifications & alerts

Simplicant allows each user to configure and modify their settings for receiving alerts, email notifications as well as other configurable settings that affect their daily use of the system. Every user account in Simplicant can be customized.
How many times have you forgotten to follow up with a candidate? Or forgotten to take notes after an interview? To stay on top of your hiring game, you need alerts from a dependable notification system. Simplicant’s robust email notifications and system alerts make sure nothing ever falls through the cracks, and users are kept fully engaged in the recruitment process.

Integrate your calendars

Scheduling a candidate’s interview with members of the hiring team is often a cumbersome and sometimes downright crazy to manage. With so many people involved and many calendars to be mindful of, a recruiting coordinator can easily get overwhelmed. Simplicant integrates easily with your company’s calendar such as Google calendar or  MS Outlook calendar. With this integration, anyone in the HR team can easily schedule an interview with the entire team by looking up everyone’s availability directly from Simplicant. A calendar invite with a complete interview packet can then be sent to all interviewers. This makes interview scheduling and interview management process straightforward and painless, and paves the way for a successful interview process.

Create and store templates

When your team is fully immersed in the recruiting process, it becomes clear very quickly that a lot of the communication related work involves a lot of repeat tasks. This includes sending a variety of different types of emails to various candidates. With Simplicant, this process has been made really easy for the recruiting staff with the help of email template. These templates can be created and then configured to be sent automatically based on the candidate’s movement in the hiring pipeline.  Adhoc emails are also easier to send as they also leverage the email templates can content that your organization has already created and standardized.

Manage your Referral program

Every company acknowledges the importance of the employee referral program but not all programs are equally effective. In fact, many companies are never able to fully leverage the power of their employees referral capability. With Simplicant, companies can extend online referral capability to all their employees making it extremely easy for them to refer their friends or share jobs with their networks by posting company job openings on social media platforms. Moreover, Simplicant keeps track of all the referral activity and can provide great insights, via its reports and analytics. Hiring teams in companies can decide who should have access to the  referral system and which jobs are eligible for referral bonus incentives. Since Simplicant’s employee referral module is fully integrated with its applicant tracking system, it makes the entire experience more streamlined and effective for the entire organization.