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Calendar Sub-Events To Schedule Interview Slots

A few weeks ago, we introduced our calendar feature which enabled our customers to create and schedule recruitment-related activities, such as candidate interviews. Today, I’m happy to announce our new sub-events feature.

The sub-events feature enables you to create multiple events – or what we call ‘sub-events’ – for the same candidate in one go. Say you have a candidate who is needs to be interviewed separately by three people at different times. Previously, this would have required a recruiter or HR staff member to create three separate events for each interview slot, and there is no way of grouping those related events together. With our new sub-events feature, there is no need to do that: you can schedule multiple interview slots for the same candidate in a single go. That’s a great time saver and the view shows all sub-events grouped together.

Stay tuned for more innovative Calendar features and enhancements in the near future.

Photo by QuickOrder on Unsplash