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Great Talent: How To Find & Recognize Fast

Most growing businesses will have stories to tell about hiring decisions that went wrong in one way or another. Hiring mistakes can range from not targeting the right audience or lack of proper recruiting tools to bringing the wrong person on board for a critical position. One of the more common and often overlooked recruiting mistakes, however, is to let great talent slip away without truly realizing the cost of such a mistake. In fact, in many cases, employers and recruiters may not recognize this until it is too late. Being aware of these risks is crucial to implementing an Read more

Candidate Profile: Qualitative Characteristics

Qualitative personality traits are one of the more difficult aspects of a candidate profile to fully grasp. The extent to which a candidate displays qualitative characteristics like resourcefulness, independence and dependability isn’t immediately clear during the interview process, for a variety of reasons. To begin with, the interview process only mimics the experiences one may have within the job itself in a very tangential manner. A fleeting moment of cooperation during the interview doesn’t necessarily mean that the candidate takes direction or constructive criticism well. This is especially true when you consider that, during an interview, the majority of candidates Read more

5 Cringe-Worthy Recruiting Mistakes & How to Avoid

There is no shortage of blogs and articles that highlight the recruiting mistakes job seekers make and how they can better impress recruiters, informing them of all the things they do that keep them from getting hired. Job seekers, however, are not the only variable in the recruiting equation – recruiters and hiring managers play an equally important role in bringing an outcome to the process. They sometimes make recruiting mistakes that can prove to be quite costly for their company’s hiring process.