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Good Hiring Practices: Secret To Employee Retention

As more companies focus on employee retention and engagement, it is important to note that a new employee’s complete experience with a company starts at the very beginning, that is, the recruitment stage. Without a doubt and as current trends in the talent space clearly indicate, the unprecedented need for growth after recession is now turning into a challenge for talent acquisition teams. In most cases, this means that meeting hiring goals and deadlines while identifying and attracting the best talent are now the most dominant human resource activities in growing organizations. How does this impact employee retention? A recent article Read more

Unemployment Bias Can Lead To Missed Opportunities

In addition to mass layoffs and a high unemployment rate, another undesirable and somewhat lasting outcome that can be associated with the recent US recession has been a practice by some recruiters and HR departments to refuse hiring the long-term unemployed. It’s a paradox that has frustrated job seekers, riled up legislators and serves only to impede the recovery of a struggling market. It’s aptly named “unemployment bias” and, unfortunately, is not recognized as a protected class, like race, age, or gender.