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Job Candidate: 3 Signs Your Relationship Is Failing

Forty-seven percent of workers are thinking about making a change in their workplace situation. Social recruiting is paving the way for recruiters to easily reach out to this wide pool of job candidates faster and more effectively than ever before. This does not mean, however, that recruiters should ignore establishing positive relationships with potential employees. The following are some signs your candidate relationship management might be failing, and how to fix these communication misfires to keep job candidates engaged:

How To Tap A Talent Community

Here at Simplicant, we want to help you find the best candidates for your open positions. We also want the process to be a fun, collaborative and useful exercise for you. We often get a lot of questions from readers about how to combine the Simplicant social networking and recruiting platform with best hiring practices. This column addresses some of these questions about all things hiring! We often receive questions about talent communities. Our readers want to know what a talent community is, how to find one, and how to best utilize these talent communities in the hiring process.

Talent Acquisition Strategy: Attract Right Employees

Attracting the right employees for a company’s open positions can be a nightmare for the human resources department, without a talent acquisition strategy in place. Oftentimes, applicants are missing that crucial element that makes them remarkable, from their actual accomplishments to the right endorsements. Plus, hiring the wrong candidate can cost employers anywhere from $25,000-$50,000. That’s definitely not a trivial amount for an organization of any size and especially for startups and growing companies. There are some tactical measures, that go along with a company’s talent acquisition strategy, that can assist hiring managers to nab the brightest candidates, mainly by Read more

Build A Broad Perspective – Get The Facts

Finding the right people to fill your company’s open positions goes beyond simply advertising the jobs through various channels and marketing them to your talent communities. Before taking the next steps in the hiring process, you need to verify the accuracy of the top candidate information in terms of their education and experience. Here are several ways to ensure you get the facts you need: Use referrals Employee referrals are one of the best ways to find quality, credible candidates for your openings. Workers don’t often refer someone who they don’t know well or don’t feel would be a good Read more