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Build Strong Recruitment Campaign With Social Media

Social media and recruiting are a match made in talent acquisition heaven. The evidence is clear: this report reiterates the continued growth of social networking platforms and the increasing amount of time users spend on these. Another confirms the reliance on social networking sites for talent sourcing and recruitment campaigns. When you put the two together, the benefits are obvious. But, what if you have never created a social recruitment campaign? What if you are just getting used to this whole social thing? Check out these tips to build a social media driven recruitment campaign, ensuring you are reaching the Read more

Social Media Passwords: Where Should Draw The Line

Since the first articles were recently published on the questionable practice used by some recruiters and employers demanding Facebook sign-in credentials from job-seekers, or asking to be added as a “friend”, similar reports have surfaced from Canada and the UK. This all started when job-seeking candidates in the US complained that they were asked during interviews to provide login details for their Facebook account or log into their Facebook accounts on a company computer, so recruiters can comb through their accounts later.