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Build A Broad Perspective – Get The Facts

Finding the right people to fill your company’s open positions goes beyond simply advertising the jobs through various channels and marketing them to your talent communities. Before taking the next steps in the hiring process, you need to verify the accuracy of the top candidate information in terms of their education and experience. Here are several ways to ensure you get the facts you need: Use referrals Employee referrals are one of the best ways to find quality, credible candidates for your openings. Workers don’t often refer someone who they don’t know well or don’t feel would be a good Read more

Stuck In Middle: Reaching Out To Gen X Candidates

In between the growing numbers of Generation Y (Gen Y or Millennials) professionals entering the workforce post graduation and the Baby Boomers who want to remain working longer than their predecessors, you will find Generation X. Roughly between the ages of 32 and 52, Gen X-ers are currently the smallest working population – yet, they are resilient and often forgotten when recruiting efforts arise. Companies see the value of the tech savvy Millennials and the work ethic of the Baby Boomers, but what do Gen X-ers bring to the workplace? Traits of Gen X Self-reliant and like minimal supervision – Read more

Start Hiring Like Google: Apply 3 Strategies Today

Finding talent is only half the battle in recruitment. The next, and arguably most difficult, challenge that faces startups of any industry or size is hiring the best candidate for the job. Many companies have their own formulas and practices for narrowing down and finally making an offer to their newest hire. One company whose hiring practices are widely known for their lengthy and intensive strategies is Google. According to this infographic, the tech giant receives up to one million resumes annually, and as a result, only hires 0.1% to 0.4% of candidates who go through their hiring program.

Employee Engagement & Empowerment Help Recruiting

Profits, funding, structure, marketing, expansion…these are perhaps some of the most sought after elements of business success that most C-level executives crave and typically tend to focus on…and it makes sense. Where does employee engagement and empowerment fit? One of the most critical ingredients is perhaps also the most overlooked and underestimated need – hiring the right talent for the organization and building a great team to start with. Employee engagement and an empowered workforce can boost your recruiting efforts.

Twitter Recruiting: How To Source Top Talent

The war for talent is intense and the trend is expected to continue for many years to come. While the impact is more visible in the tech sector, this trend is widespread and has effected organizations in every industry. In spite of the tough competition, many organizations are still stuck with internal processes that depend heavily on archaic recruiting methods. As a result, costs of acquiring talent are high and the time to fill open positions is painfully long. The net result is a direct impact on the company’s performance when open positions are not filled fast enough.

Social Media Passwords: Where Should Draw The Line

Since the first articles were recently published on the questionable practice used by some recruiters and employers demanding Facebook sign-in credentials from job-seekers, or asking to be added as a “friend”, similar reports have surfaced from Canada and the UK. This all started when job-seeking candidates in the US complained that they were asked during interviews to provide login details for their Facebook account or log into their Facebook accounts on a company computer, so recruiters can comb through their accounts later.

Online Recruitment System: Collaborative Hiring Tips

Attracting and acquiring the right talent is a critical and strenuous task that involves many people who contribute, via an online recruitment system, in the various aspects of the hiring process. These could be internal employees, hiring managers, executive management, contract recruiters, social media contacts and many other internal/external stakeholders. Most of them will need to review the status of candidate applications, in the recruitment system, at various points in the process. In addition, many of these stakeholders will have valuable input and information that will need to be recorded in the online recruitment system and shared with others at Read more

Manage Recruitment Process In Volatile Job Market

More people than ever before, in the currently recruited workforce, are considering leaving their jobs for better employment opportunities. Recruitment process surveys and research results from various sources estimate that the number of people looking to switch their jobs is upwards of 60%. Under normal circumstances, people wait for their annual bonuses before starting a new job search. However, the slow economic activity has made it unnecessary for many to wait, as people are less optimistic about bonuses getting paid on time – or paid at all. As a result, the number of potentially available candidates, active and passive, is Read more

Talent Acquisition With Social Recruiting

Referrals have historically been a major source of quality performers for any company. The concept behind it is simple: Its classic word-of-mouth marketing in play. Smart people on your team know other smart people who become applicants, which ultimately raises the bar of the candidate pool. To leverage the power of referrals, Simplicant have just launched a useful set of tools that will allow members to easily post job vacancies to specific individuals on social networks like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn within seconds. This instantly expands your audience and the visibility of your job opening increases manifold. The result is Read more