Act Fast And Hire Faster

The sooner your hiring team can begin the employee onboarding and assimilation process, the better.

The sooner your hiring team can begin the employee onboarding and assimilation process, the better. Perhaps, as a result of your new hire and based on the information provided by an applicant tracking system, an existing employee can be promoted and an entry level position can be created.

Effective recruiting involves more than recruitment; it calls on hiring teams to act fast and hire (the most qualified candidates) faster.

Work with a goal-oriented mindset

The end goal should be clear to everyone on your hiring team: hire the best talent available. This means anyone and everyone involved should help move the operation forward so there is no delay, all while giving off an aura of professionalism.

Collect evaluations and feedback fast

To ensure candidate feedback is strong and reliable, have your interviewer submit feedback or scorecards immediately after his/her interviews so your HR manager can move the process forward. Any delay at this crucial stage will not only stall the whole process, but will also send the wrong signal to the candidates, and they make lose interest.

Converge to a smarter, data-driven decision

Once all interviewing feedback has been received, gather the decision-makers and deliberate. Be sure to be swift during this stage; get back to candidates directly and discover if a candidate is no longer interested as soon as possible, so you can move to the second choice on your short list without delay.

Create and send that famed job offer letter!

Top recruiting software platforms organize all your important hiring items, such as offer document templates and offer emails, in their digital filing cabinets, and thus make matters easier come offer letter time. Optimize the job offer stage even further by using e-friendly offer documents. If candidates have the option to sign offers in a secure, digital and easy fashion, you could complete the offer process in a single day.