Define Your Ideal Candidates

What applicant would fit perfectly in your open position?

What applicant would fit perfectly in your open position? Give some thought to the kind of profiles you want to attract and the candidates you hope will apply to your job posting.


Define a key set of capabilities and must-haves early on in the employee hiring process to ensure that potential candidates understand the candidate you seek, thus reducing the overall screening and vetting time needed at the initial stages of interviewing by your hiring team.

Targeted Message

The message delivered throughout the job promotion phase must be consistent and clearly delineate the attributes and skills needed for the relevant job. This consistency and clarity signals to prospective applicants that the company is serious about filling the role and, more importantly, knows exactly what it’s looking for!

Timely delivery

One key factor often overlooked, but nevertheless particularly important when hiring for seasonal openings is timing. The best HR teams know when,where and how to carry out job publishing.