Identify The Most Relevant Sources

Today’s fastest-growing companies need modern recruiting software to extend their reach to the most relevant and valuable sources.

Today’s fastest-growing companies need modern recruiting software to extend their reach to the most relevant and valuable sources. Effective recruiting involves a recruiting platform that enables quick job posting distribution through multiple channels. Good hiring teams are also able to observe the performance and success of each source.

Company Careers Site

You company's careers site is your premium source for capturing interest from all those seeking to work at your company. Is your company's career page compelling enough to grab the attention of all job seekers visiting your website? Is it effectively representing your employer brand? Or are you turning off potential job applicants with a clunky design and process? The importance of a great careers site should not be overlooked. It’s the first interaction a job seeker and a potential employee has with your company. A positive candidate experience adds to your reputation as an employer, while a difficult and uninspiring careers site experience may keep many candidates from completing the application process. In fact, you are quite likely to turn away some of the best talent with a poorly designed careers page.

Employee Referrals

One of the biggest advantages of employee referrals is that the candidates have already been vetted and trusted by someone the company trusts on a daily basis. Such referred candidates are more likely to accept a job offer, demonstrate a better cultural fit, have a better retention rate and overall contribute more to the organization in the long run . An employee referral program that offers recognition and incentives leads to higher engagement by current employees.

Social Media

With social media penetrating many aspects of our everyday lives, it is no surprise that people from all demographics are spending more time on social media sites than any other platform. Social media recruiting is therefore becoming an essential and mainstream channel for getting in front of top candidates at places where they spend most of their time interacting with people and brands. Websites, such as Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter are great places to look for and engage with top talent. Targeted messaging from the employer, combined with effective social sharing can do wonders for hiring campaigns.

Job Boards, Job aggregators

The job board market has experienced a sea change over the last several years, putting a lot of pressure on many job board and aggregator sites. As a result, many leading players in this space have updated their offerings and made them more relevant for the modern employer. Publishing jobs to platforms such as Indeed, Glassdoor, Monster and Career Builder and many others, is now easy to do from an applicant tracking platform such as Simpicant. The key here, however, is to ensure that your job posts are actually achieving their desired results. More specifically, are you using the right keywords in your job descriptions to get them the visibility they need? Are you focusing on the job boards that are most relevant to your job industry or segment? Is your process automated enough to seamlessly render this step in your recruitment campaign? 


For certain types of jobs that require non-standard, uncommon or hard-to-find skill-sets, the best places to look for may include niche job boards or even certain industry-specific blogs or business websites. For such requisitions, you may need the flexibility to easily publish your jobs to such outlets while still being able to track the activity that results from such sources. Such niche sites and blogs are increasingly becoming the go-to places for hiring top candidates for the respective industries.