Implement A Collaborative And Structured Interview Process

When it comes to interviewing, structure makes all the difference in the world.

When it comes to interviewing, structure makes all the difference in the world. When interviewers know what the aim and objective of the interview, they can work with the interviewee to have a productive conversation.

Structure within your hiring team and operation means that every candidate experiences a well-defined interview process after he or she has been screened. When each step of the interview process has its own objective, HR employees will know once they’ve found what they’re looking for.

Customized screening questions for every job

Every job is unique, and so should have special, customized application questions. This way, candidates can immediately discern the job requirements and desired skill set. A job application containing particularized questions automatically boosts the screening stage by providing key information to HR personnel.

Automated Scoring of incoming applications

Customized applications not only distinguish your job postings from numerous similar ones, they also help your recruitment software automatically score and rank the profiles of incoming applicants based on their answers. Automated scoring of applicant profiles ensures that your team views profiles at the top end of the talent pool without delay, instead of spending countless hours reading and screening every single application.

Standardized interview instructions for interviewers

With Simplicant’s streamlined interview management process, with proper instructions for interviewers, you will get consistent and detailed feedback on your shortlisted candidates.

Consistent interview format using evaluation scorecards

Every candidate should be asked the same questions and should be evaluated on the same, desired criteria. It helps significantly to have standard evaluation scorecards for specific roles, which push interviewers to record feedback in a standardized fashion. When you are about to make an important hiring decision, you will be satisfied to know every candidate was evaluated properly and, most importantly, thoroughly.