Understand Organizational Hiring Needs

The science of effective recruiting begins with understanding your organizational hiring needs.

The science of effective recruiting begins with understanding your organizational hiring needs, such as resume tracking, resume management and interview scheduling. The right recruiting platform will not only help your hiring team find whom they are looking for, but it will also provide a larger perspective for future growth. For example, recruiting from within is essential for effective growth and employee satisfaction, and the right applicant tracking system will help your team keep existing employees on the radar.

To further organize your hiring team and recruitment process, it’s important to Identify goals, such as:

Define clear criteria

Establishing detailed hiring criteria and integrating employer branding into your job postings not only helps prospective applicants understand your requirements, it also help set the tone for the screening stage of the hiring process and helps interviewers understand the specific needs of your company.

Design a hiring workflow

Selecting a hiring workflow--one that will help your recruitment team filter out the “noise” and avoid unnecessary delays in the recruitment process--is absolutely important. A custom hiring workflow enables recruiters to focus on key interview stages.

Create Screening Questions

To create the perfect screening questions for your job postings . This exercise helps you draft job questions that are targeted and do not stray away from the key topics.

Build your interview scorecard

Just as each job has unique hiring criteria, so does it have distinctive interview questions and feedback forms. Effective recruiting calls for meaningful conversations with candidates during interview stages. After all, hiring teams need a clear picture of each candidate before considering a job offer.  Essential to this conversation between recruiters and interviewees are evaluation scorecards, which can be created and used through Simplicant in just a few clicks.

Be Prepared with Offer Letter templates

If you think you’ve found your ideal candidate, do not posture. Go straight for the home run. That is, offer the job as soon as possible! This readiness requires proactive measures; your HR team should have offer letter templates that can be used to create a specific job offer letter in no time.